God's Provision for Healing

Gods Provision for Healing, A L and Joyce Gill Vision Colleges

This powerful teaching on healing lays a solid Word foundation which releases the faith of the students to receive their own healing, walk in health, and boldly minister healing to others. Many will be healed as this revelation comes alive in their spirits.

According to the book of Mark, Jesus' final words of instructions before leaving this earth were, “they shall lay their hand on the sick and they shall recover.” This book gives practical instructions on how to minister healing to the sick.

We suggest that before teaching this course, you watch or listen to the video or audio tapes on this series, and read the books that are listed as Suggested Reading. The more you saturate yourself with the truths of God's Word concerning healing, the more these truths will move from your mind into your spirit. This manual will then provide the outline for you to use as you impart these truths to others.

Personal life illustrations are a must for effective teaching. The authors have omitted these from this work so that the teacher can provide illustrations from his or her own rich experiences, or from those of others to which the students will be able to relate.

It should always be remembered that it's the Holy Spirit who has come to teach us all things, and that when we are studying, or when we are teaching, we should always be empowered and led by the Holy Spirit.

This study is excellent for personal or group studies, Bible schools, Sunday schools and home groups. It's important that the teacher and the student have copies of this manual during the course of the study.

The best books are written in, underlined, meditated upon and digested. We have left space for your notes and comments. The format has been designed with a fast reference system for review and to assist you in locating topics. The special format makes it possible for each person, once they have studied through this material, to teach the contents to others. Paul wrote to Timothy,

And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. 2 Timothy 2:2b

This course is designed as a practical participation Bible course in the MINDS (Ministry Development System) format which is a specially developed approach to programmed learning. This concept is designed for multiplication in the lives, the ministry, and the future teaching of the students. Former students, by using this manual, can teach this course easily to others.


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