Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Programs Internet Bible College Doctor of Philosophy Ph D Doctor of Ministry D Min Theology Doctoral Programs Doctor of Philosophy Ph D Doctor of Ministry D Min Theology Distance EducationThe Internet Bible College is pleased to offer the Doctoral Programs from the Texas University of Theology Texas and Vision International University California USA.  There are two Doctoral programs available to the candidate: the Doctor of Ministry ( D Min ) and the Doctor of Philosophy ( Ph D ).  All of the programs are entirely by distance education.

The coursework is undertaken through the Internet Bible College, granting access to our study programs to anyone anywhere globally; our universities in the United States issue the awards.

The Texas University of Theology offers degrees under the Freedom of Religion Act.

Vision International University in California offers degrees by State Approval.

The legitimacy Of The Award

An application is made to the relevant governing bodies for the authority to issue awards for both universities.  The right to issue the awards is granted on the proviso that the work undertaken is equivalent to the work undertaken in a secular college for an equivalent award; this must be demonstrated, not taken for granted.  However, these awards are issued free of secular impost. That is to say; the studies are undertaken for ministry and church purposes and not in competition with secular awards.  These are Bible College awards for ministry training and development.

While the doctoral programs are identical in content and requirements, the issuing university is the personal choice of the candidate.  Candidates should note that these postgraduate programs are offered for religious purposes and not secular competition.  They are for church or other ministry purposes or personal satisfaction.

Both the DMin and the PhD entitle the holder to use the title Doctor.

The emphasis of each doctoral program is research; the difference between them lies in the amount of the coursework. The PhD requires more courses to satisfy its requirements and has a broader scope of the study.

The pre-requisite for either program is a Graduate Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology from Vision International College, Australia, or a Master of Theology from Vision International University, the Texas University of Theolog, or another similar university.

Specific information on the doctoral programs is available on their relative pages from the menu to the right or links below.

Doctor of Ministry  (D Min)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Application forms for the universities available on the  Degree Enrollment Pages