Pastoral Ministry (In The Eye Of The Storm)

Pastoral Ministry in the eye of the storm Vision CollegesIn this book, the reader will first encounter the primary relationships and functions that are inherent in ministry, and especially pastoral ministry. They will include:

  • The Pastor and His God
  • The Pastor and himself
  • The Pastor and his family
  • The Pastor and his church
  • The Pastor and his pulpit
  • The Pastor and his friends
  • The Pastor and his time

The second section of this book will survey in greater detail the pastoral role and function, and review some of the "nuts and bolts" of active ministry. Included in this section are:

  • the Pastor as father or servant-leader
  • the Pastor as administrator
  • the Pastor and his programs
  • the Pastor in public life
  • the Pastor as counselor or caregiver
  • the Pastor and pastoral pitfalls
  • the Pastor and his passion.

It is my hope as a writer, pastor and educator, to present this material in such a way that it will be both inspirational, as well as guide the leader into a greater revelation of his or her role in the Body of Christ. One of the cries of the Church in the 1990’s is to see true leaders emerge who will have the heart of God and an understanding of what it means to be a true servant-leader. The church needs leaders who will shepherd the people of God into a greater knowledge and understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ. I trust that God will bless you as you continue in your journey as a leader in the House of God.

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