Overcoming The Darkness

Overcomming the Darkness John F MacGeorge jnr Vision Colleges, Doctrine

The battle against the cults, occult, heresies and all false religions must be seen as a spiritual war that involves the lives of millions of people throughout the world. And in the present day, many people are crying out for deliverance from their problems and pain of economic turmoil, political destabilisation and social unrest. They are seeking salvation, solutions, hope, peace and a better future. Yet what are the answers to all the questions? And who will come forth with those answers? These are the questions that we must face and come to grip with in this day.

THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUE ANSWER: the Bible and the Church have God’s answers to all the questions and problems no matter what they may be. The Bible speaks to problems in the realm of a) economics, b) what is truth, c) politics, d) family, e) employment, f) marriage, g) interpersonal relationships, h) educational and so on. But often the Church has presented a confusing picture, or is too lazy to respond, or to simplistic to adequately meet the needs of the hurting, or provide superficial answers to complex problems. Thus we often see cults responding to these problems first and providing what Christianity should be contributing to the healing and building up of individuals, families, cities and nations. Therefore many people have rejected Biblical Christianity because of its failure to meet the impending needs of people, as well as failing to answer the questions of life and living.

God declares that we, the Body of Jesus Christ, are the:






Jesus chrged every true believer to know the truth, that is, accept it, understand it, believe and live it! But also every believer must live the truth if we are going to be relevant to our nations. Likewise, Jesus commanded every believer to “let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven” [Matt. 5:16). However, people are being confronted with contradictory truths: Christian and non-Christian. For example, Christians say that Jesus is the eternal, omnipotent, omniscience God, while most cults, the occult and false religions say He is an exalted man who was able to achieve godhood. So which is true? They both cannot be true: one is reliable, true, correct and factual while the other is false, mistaken, deceptive and a lie.

There is only ONE TRUTH yet most do not understand that. Besides, most people are looking for answers to personal problems more so than trying to figure out who has the truth. Paul commands us in 1 Tim. 6:20 to “guard what has been entrusted to you, avoiding worldly and empty chatter and opposing arguments of what is falsely called `knowledge’”. Knowledge is the Greek word “gnosis” which means to recognise, understand completely and to relate to Jesus personally as the source of all truth. Thus our responsibility is to promote and defend the truth, and to overpower the darkness of the lies and distortions promoted by cults through their heresies. We are to  proclaim and live out the TRUTH in the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!

Satan, however, is the inspirer of all attacks against the TRUTH because He hates the truth. God is the Father of Truth and Satan is the father of lies; thus there is an eternal battle raging between the two. However Christ won the battle on the Cross for all eternity. But Satan is unwilling to admit defeat and yield in submission to God’s truth. Therefore he wants to keep all people blind to God’s truth, or in bondage to his lies through false religions, heresies, counterfeit miracles, cults, the occult and every man-made philosophy that can blind people to the truths of salvation, deliverance and hope that are found only in knowing Christ personally. The spiritual vacuum in Eastern Europe, C.I.S. and all other parts of the world are inviting places for Satan and his cohorts to fill in the void with all his lies and darkness. This is what is presently happening in most parts of the world. Some people are so arrogant that they even use the name of Christ in their teachings and writings attempting to appear to be Christian; yet in reality they are an “Angel of Light” who never rests in its attack against the TRUTH to deceive many.

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