Organize Ministry Priorities

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 Organise Ministry Priorities

This particular unit Organize Ministry Priorities utilizes the community services unit “BSBWOR301B Organise Personal Work Priorities and Development”, requires you to show how you identify the demands and responsibilities of your work or ministry.

Ministry, like any other workplace demands a certain level of discipline, you will need to show how you can monitor your own work, identify your own strengths and weaknesses and access training and development to support your weaknesses, how you manage you time and various other aspects of work.

This unit can be completed through our online trainging portal or though the development of a comprehensive skills portfolio.

To help you gather the evidence required we suggest that you collate the information and compile it with a report addressing the issues below. This information with the multiple choice questionnaire from your text book should provide sufficient evidences of competency.

Issues To Be Addressed

  • Organize and complete own work schedule
  • Monitor own work performance
  • Coordinate professional development

Required Skills and Knowledge

This section describes the skills and knowledge required for this unit.

Required skills 

  • communication skills to give and receive constructive feedback relating to development needs
  • literacy skills to read and understand the organisation’s procedures
  • planning skills to organise work priorities according to work goals and objectives
  • problem-solving skills to solve routine problems
  • self-management skills to:
  • comply with policies and procedures
  • consistently evaluate and monitor own performance
  • seek learning opportunities.

Required knowledge 

  • key provisions of relevant legislation from all levels of government that may affect aspects of business operations, such as:
  • anti-discrimination legislation
  • ethical principles
  • codes of practice
  • privacy laws
  • occupational health and safety (OHS)
  • organisational policies, plans and procedures
  • methods to elicit, analyse and interpret feedback
  • principles and techniques of goal setting, measuring performance, time management and personal assessment
  • competency standards and how to interpret them in relation to self
  • methods to identify and prioritise personal learning needs.
The subject can be completed through our online training portal or by the compilation of a thorough portfolion of evidence. If undertaken through classroom simulation or by a portfolio the complimentary Vision subject Time Management Order Subject