Journey Into Wholeness

FOREWORDJourney to Wholeness, Dr Stan DeKoven

"You can experience unconditional acceptance in your life."

"You are capable of manifesting unselfish love to others."

"You can overlook the faults of others, and see only their good."

Do these seem like lofty concepts, the impossible promises of some unobtainable vision?

They are not.

Rather, these promises embody the godly, biblical principles that Dr. Stan DeKoven shares as part of the vision God has given to the Body of Christ as we travel on the  Journey To Wholeness.

If these ideals seem impossible to obtain, you are right -- they are -- in your own strength. 

By yourself, you are absolutely incapable of giving unconditional acceptance, of offering unselfish love, and of seeing only the good in others.

But, when you walk the biblical path on the Journey To Wholeness with Christ by your side, all things, and all ideals, become possible and obtainable.

Dr. Stan DeKoven's message to the Body of Christ is that, through Christ, the Church can provide a safe place where the hurting members can be healed, a haven where the sinful members can be cleansed without condemnation, and a comforting home where the victims of addictions and abuse can become healthy and whole through God's restoring love.

But even in Christ, the Journey To Wholeness is not a road that can be traveled by accident!

Instead, it is a clearly detailed biblical path that is walked only by a deliberate decision, made by the collective Body of Christ, to unite together in love, and to purposely DO those things that Christ has commanded us to do.

No one ever became a world-class athlete without a stringent exercise program, discipline, and struggle. 

So too, no Christian will ever become the compassionate, loving care-giver Christ intended him/her to be without first walking the required paths as outlined in this marvelous book. 

Dr. DeKoven has written for you a Christian coaches guide to spiritual wholeness, giving you detailed biblical instructions on how to become all that Christ intends for you to be -- for yourself, and for others.

As you walk through the path on the Journey To Wholeness in this book, my prayer for you is that you grow in His love, that you mature in His compassion, and that you begin to manifest His living reality in your relationships with others.

                   In His service,

                   Michael Wourms


                   Christian Services Network


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