Developing a Biblical World View

Developing a Biblical world viewMany people have a limited view of the world. They are concerned only about their own village, city, or nation. They do not recognize that the area where they live is only a small part of a great planet called “earth.” They do not know about the special plan of God that includes the entire world, people of all races, cultures, and languages.

The first Chapter of this book introduces the world in which we live. It starts at the beginning of time to explain the creation of the world and of man who inhabits it. Chapter Two continues this introduction as it explains how the world was divided into nations and languages.

In every culture there are different beliefs about the creation of the world. The true story of the creation of the world is recorded in the Bible. Genesis 1:1 summarizes the entire first chapter: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)

The God of whom this verse speaks is the one true God. The Bible is the written record of the acts and words of God. When we speak of developing a “Biblical world view”, it means we base our understanding of the world on what is revealed by God in His written Word, the Bible.

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