Blood Covenant of God

Throughout our ancient past and until our relatively recent past, the most binding agreement between, peoples, tribes or families was the Blood Covenant.

Blood Covenant, more than any other form of agreement, was responsible for establishing and maintaining peace between warring nations, or for the formalising of existing peaceful relationships, or for the development of alliances between peoples and nations.

Almost every culture in the world has its own style of formal agreement. While they may be referred to as an alliance, a treaty, a confederacy, a compact, or an agreement, the most binding, regardless of what it may be called, is the “Blood Covenant”.

The major difference between a Blood Covenant and any other kind of agreement is that a Blood Covenant was totally binding on both parties and their families. Under no circumstances could the covenant be terminated unless one, or both, of the families’ ceased to have any descendants. As long as a descendant of the families remained, the covenant was active.

These covenants and agreements naturally took various forms; yet there are several common factors among them and, remarkably, the closer they are to Blood Covenant the more similarities they have both in their ritual and their ceremony.

It is remarkable that this is the same avenue through which God has chosen to deal with us. Let there be no doubt we are in a Blood Covenant relationship with Jesus. The more we examine the word of God in the light of the covenant the more sense the word of God makes to us and the more real our covenant relationship with Him becomes.

The Blood Covenant of God explains to us the how and the why and answers many of the other questions that we have and gives us the confidence in God's ability that we need to enable him to keep us as we keep our commitment to him.

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