Foundational Studies

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Foundational studies are just that, the foundational truths upon which you will be able to build your Christian Life. An introduction to Salvation, Healing, the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, the development of a healthy prayer life and so much more are examined in detail.

Through these studies the student embarks on a journey that will help to establish Christian lifestyle. Truths that will liberate, strengthen, encourage, nurture and will bring discipleship to the student.

These subjects provide both the knowledge and the survival skills necessary to enjoy our Christian walk, gain answer to prayer, be assured of our salvation, understand our rights, determine God's will for us, walk in his authority and enjoy our relationship with each other.

While we offer subjects from three authors, only one needs to be undertaken due to the similarity of the material.

The assessment requirements are a set subject assignment which is usually a multiple choice exam, additional credit points can be earned by completing an essay or a student study guide.

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