Vision Bible College counsellingThrough this Study Stream we are able to offer one of the most effective counseling programs available through distance education.

Although a subject from the counseling stream may be undertaken as a stand alone subject we do discourage students from accessing them until they are ready to undertake a "Diploma of Theology - Christian Counseling" program. The prerequisite is the "Diploma of Ministry" from any Vision College or equivalent institution.

Our reason is simple, if you wish to be a counselor you aught to have a sound biblical base before you specialise.

In addition a student who wishes to undertake our counselling program will be required to find a mentor who will be required to report back to us on the suitability of the student as a counselor. Our motive is to protect both the integrity of our award and of our students who have graduated with a Diploma or Bachelor in counseling.

The assessment requirements are a set subject assignment which is usually a multiple choice exam, additional credit points can be earned by completing an essay or a student study guide.

Stream Subjects