Recognised Studies

Vision Bible College"Recognised Studies"  These are our original bible study options.  Developed in 1974 they are now offered in 160 countries around the world and are currently being studies by 150,000 students around the world.

For every 10 recognised studies satisfactorily completed they attract a Vision Christian College award from the  Certificate in Biblical Studies to a Diploma of Biblical Theology.  "Recognised" means that there is no formal accreditation attached to the awards.  However they are are accepted by most denominations and mission groups for ministry training. 

The Recognised program will best suit you if:

  • You are seeking Biblical, Christian, theological, or related studies.
  • You want to develop your knowledge of the Bible to strengthen your ministry
  • You want to be a better Christian
  • You do not require or are not eligible for support from Austudy or Abstudy or Youth Allowance.
  • You do not require recognition for further study in TAFE or University.
  • If you are seeking further study purely to develop your ministry in the word of God.
  • If you wish to study the word of God and wish to receive recognition from a recognised program.

Credits Points Awards System

The program is built around a "Credit Points" system of study rather than a fixed curriculum. Each subject completed at a passing grade is worth 3 credits. Any subject in the Bible College program can be applied to any level of study.  This means that you, the student can select your subject and take control of your study program rather than the college dictating what you will study.  If you have the freedom to select your study program you will select subjects relevant to your needs and enjoy your study program  to a greater degree and study.

Each award requires 30 credits, or 10 subjects.

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Awards Offered

The awards available from the recognised program are:

  • Certificate in Biblical Studies (30 credit points / 10 Subjects)
  • Associate in Biblical Studies (60 credit points / 20 Subjects)
  • Diploma of Ministry (90 credit points / 30 Subjects)
  • Diploma of Theology (120 credit points / 40 Subjects)

Subjects and Study Streams

When selecting subjects, the "next" subject should be selected from a different study stream than the study stream of the current subject to ensure depth, breadth and balance of study.

The study streams available are listed below:

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