Post Graduate Studies

We offer ASQA (The Australian Skills Quality Authority) accredited Christian Ministry and Theology awards. Each award attracts Austudy, AbStudy or Youth Allowance to eligible Australian students.

The Post Graduate program will best suit you if:

  • You require or are eligible for support from Austudy or Abstudy or Youth Allowance.
  • You wish to build on skills and learning developed in the Undergraduate program.
  • You are already involved in ministry at a pastoral level of ministry.
  • You wish to enter into a deeper level of study to serve Christ and the church.

Awards Offered

There are two award options which are -

For a list of our Accredited Undergraduate programs click here.

Study Streams

The program continues around the same two streams of study as in the undergraduate program -
Biblical Theology - The student completes the assignments supplied by our college. Assignments are open book and designed to assess the student’s comprehension of the text not their memory.
Practical Ministry Skills Development - Skills assignments are set out and developed with the student’s Pastor or mentor and developed within the student’s area of ministry to maximize training and build skills upon skills.
At Vision, we are pleased to recognize student’s prior studies and experience and offer credits towards their courses in the form of Academic Transfer or RPL at the student’s request. With Vision, you can spend more time building on your skills rather than learning again   Read more

Recognition Given To The Training Program

Graduates of these courses may be recognized as appropriate persons as Church Workers, Religious Instructors, Pastors, Church-Planters and Missionary Workers by the majority of Christian denominations within Australia and beyond.

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