Study Options

The table below is a guide to the various study options that are available to you through the Internet Bible College, Vision Christian College and Vision International College. By clicking the blue title a short description is available, and by clicking on the green 'Learn More' link you can go directly to the option you that is of interest to you.

Studies offered through Vision Christian College are not accredited but are recognised by most denominations and churches for ministry training

The Christian Ministry and Theology (Cert III to Graduate Diploma) is fully accredited through ASQA The national Australian accrediting body and as such attract funding from the Australian government in the form of Austudy and Abstudy and Youth Allowance

The Degree programs from the Bachelors Completion through to the PhD are issued in the United States under the State Approved or Freedom of Religion legislation in the USA.  These degrees while legitimate study options are designed and offered for ministry training and do not hold accreditation with any authorised body for credit purposes.

Recognised Program

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Accredited Program

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Graduate Program

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Degree Program

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Pastoral Program

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Enrolment Fee $45.00 $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 $75.00
Subject Fee By .PDF
email delivery (IBC)
$65.00 $250.00 $350.00 $175.00 $175.00
Subject Fee Book
Postal Delivery (VCC)
 $95.00 $250.00
 $350.00 $175.00
Academic Transfer Available Available Available Available -
Life (Ministry) Skills Available - - - -
ASQA Accredited - yes yes - -
Austudy Support - yes yes - -
NSW Traineeship - yes - - -
Certifcate to Diploma

 - -
Cert III _
yes - - -
Cert IV _
yes - - -
Diploma _
yes - - -
Advanced Diploma
yes - - -
Graduate Certificate - - yes - -
Graduate Diploma - - yes - -
Bachelors yes
- - yes -
Masters yes - - yes -
Doctoral yes - - yes -
Entry Requirements - - yes yes yes
Online Campus yes yes yes yes yes
Student Forum yes yes yes yes yes
 Late Marking Fee*
 yes yes  yes
yes  yes 
*Typically a student will take 1 month to complete a subject, if a student takes 3 months or more the late marking fee applies