Doctoral of Ministry (D.Min.)

Dr Ministry Internet Bible College, Vision Colleges, We offer the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.), the purpose of which is to equip the student for a higher level of competence in the practice of ministry. The Doctor of Ministry degree program is designed to serve the need of ministers for an experience of continuing education which renews the personal life of faith, further develops professional competence, and stimulates continued growth in biblical and theological foundations for ministry.


Admission to the Doctor of Ministry program is on the basis of high competence in theology and ministry, as well as motivation to do research in a recognized area of ministry. Competence in theology may be demonstrated by having completed a minimum of a Master of Theology degree with a balanced curriculum, including disciplines in biblical studies ethics, and studies in ministry. A complete transcript of previous academic work is to be submitted before an application for admission can be acted on.

The Program

The program of studies leading to the Doctor of Ministry degree is a 40 credit program of study beyond the masters designed for men and women who are engaged in pastoral and related ministries. The candidates are challenged to develop their ministerial skills and to refine and articulate a biblical theology of ministry while in a setting of ministry.

Core Courses

The student will choose five of the topics listed below and select not less that 5 substantial works on each subject to refer to for their paper. A Theme Paper of not less than 10,000 and not more than 12,000 words is to be written on each topic. The choice is the students, unless the committee determines a weakness in the students' prior academic background. Each core topic is worth 5 credits.

The Core Topics are:

  • Leadership in Pastoral Care
  • Church Growth and Leadership
  • World Missions, Cults and Cross Cultural Perspectives in Pastoral Leadership
  • Counselling, Family Life and Pastoral Leadership
  • Spiritual Development of the Pastor, Church and Community
  • Ethics and the Church in today's society in Pastoral Leadership Perspective
  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Philosophy of Church Growth and Management
  • Philosophy of Personal Management
  • Business Law and Ethics for the Church Administrator
  • Cross-Cultural Mores and Church Planting
  • Missions in the 21st Century
  • History of Missions
  • Philosophy of Missions
  • Contemporary Theology and Evangelical Belief
  • Church History and Modern Religious Movements
  • Creationism, Evolution and Biblical Theology
  • Practical Theology, Contemporary Methodology and Church Life

Guided Readings

Guided Readings are to reflect an area of research that is directed toward the writing of the doctoral project. The student is to choose a minimum of 25 sizable works, approved by the Doctoral Committee to read and write on. The length of the dissertation shall be not less than 35,000 words and not greater than 50,000 words, excluding footnotes end-notes, and embedded references addendums, and introduction pages. The writings must be comprehensive enough to cover the topic. This primarily constitutes Chapter 2 of the doctoral project. The completed Guided Readings are a part of the doctoral project that constitutes 15 credits of the D.Min. program and leads toward candidacy status.

Doctoral Project Dissertation

The primary component of a Doctoral Program that distinguishes an individual as deserving of the title Doctor, is the Doctoral Project or Dissertation. The focus of the Vision International University Doctoral Program is to ensure that each student has sufficient background in their discipline of specialty, and demonstrate through their Doctoral Project or Dissertation their expertise.

Vision International University requires a complete proposal for the dissertation or project to be approved by the Doctoral Committee before the dissertation is begun.

The candidates must submit an acceptable doctoral project or dissertation that shall be a contribution to creative Theology, Christian Counselling, Christian Education, International Christian Relations, and/or Christian Business Management.


The actual design of the dissertation or project is to be developed by the student with advice and input from their faculty mentors and is outlined in the Research Writing Guide provided from University.

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