Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology

Cert IV Theology  Vision Colleges, Internet Bible CollegePre-requisite:   Ability to demonstrate some sound knowledge of the word of God and or some verifiable ministry experience with pastoral recommendation.  The counselling emphasis requires at least 1 year of other formal Bible college studies  which can be attested by academic transcripts.

Certificate IV is an “Advanced Standing Entry Level” course and is the pre-requisite for the Diploma of Christian Ministry And Theology. 

The course is recommended for those have previously completed some formal bible college studies and are experienced in ministry and wish to enter into Christian ministry or service as lay people in full or part-time ministry.   It is a preferred option for those entering into an Internship or those who wish to enter a deeper level of study to serve Christ and the church. 

Certificate IV Christian Ministry and Theology will best suit you if:

    • You are seeking an entry level study options that develop a sound foundation for Christian life and work.
    • You wish to enter into Ministry or Christian Service as lay people or in full or part-time ministry.
    • You are entering an Internship and are looking for a flexible option.
    • You wish to go on to the Diploma of Christian Ministry.
    • You are seeking Practical Ministry Skills Development.
    • You are seeking support from Austudy or other Australian government funding

The student’s practical work is appropriate for someone involved in ministry or for a “Second Year” student who is involved in the ministry under direct oversight.   Certificate IV in Christian Ministry And Theology attracts Austudy, AbStudy or Youth Allowance for eligible Australian students.  

The course can be completed in one year as a Distance Education study program, the time frame is a guide only and dependent upon the student's own capacity and the circumstances relating to his or her study.


This course can be completed in one year as a Distance Education study program. The time frame is a guide only and is dependent upon the student's own capacity and the circumstances relating to his or her study.

The student is required to complete a minimum of 9 units as follows:

  • 6 Units of Biblical Theology, identified as “CMT” units
  • 3 Practical Ministry Skills units

Biblical Theology Subjects

Practical Ministry Skills Subjects

The Student will complete three (3) subjects listed below, each practical unit is strengthened with a subject from Vision as listed. To develop practical skills the student will be involved in a local church or community-based programme in co-operation with qualified leadership and document the work experience as required in each unit.

Each of these units can be completed through our online Learning Portal or by developing a comprehensive skills portfolio

Recognition Given To Certificate IV (Emphasis in Counseling)

Upon completion of this qualification, learners should have acquired the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills to serve effectively as workers and religious instructors in churches, parishes, para-church organisations, missionary organisations, and in religious education.

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