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What is a Resource Centre?

Vision Bible collegeNo greater responsibility has been given to the church than training and equipping men and women for ministry.  After all Jesus himself said, “Go and Make disciples!” not converts, but disciples.  There is no more certain way to grow your church than to train men and women – and release them into ministry.

But for many pastors the challenge of training others often seems to be too great. How can I train them?  Where can I find a suitable programme that is recognised? Who will do the teaching?  Where do I get the time?  What of recognition?  

Solving these problems is our ministry; it has been our mandate in the Lord since 1974.

Vision Colleges are specialist Bible colleges. From the beginning we have specialised on two fronts of ministry training,
1.    Distance education for individual students and
2.    Establishing local church Bible colleges. 

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Bible CollegeA Resource Centre is a "local church Bible college" or "Ministry Training Centre", run by the local church and its ministry team using the resources of Vision Christian College.

Our purpose is to assist in the task of “Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry, for building up the Body of Christ" (Ephesians 4:12).

  • Students enjoy the benefit of local ministry team teaching them while they are a part of a world-wide network of over 150,000 students.
  • Assists the local church in preparing leaders for service in their church and community.
  • Develops the skills of the local church ministry team
  • Provides the local church with legitimate, powerful, faith building and empowering material that is accepted and recognised worldwide.
  • Offers a variety of education programs from our network of colleges and universities to meet the specific needs of your church and community.
  • We provide the curriculum, handle the student records, mark the papers and issue awards and provide international recognition and covering.
  • The Church enjoys the benefits of a trained and equipped body capable of meeting the local ministry needs and reaching the world beyond.
  • No longer must you send your men and women be sent away to be trained for ministry!

When you become a Resource Centre your students also become distance education students of Vision. They study under your local supervision, using the dynamic curriculum developed by Vision.

Vision International College is accredited by ASQA throughout Australia to issues awards to the level of Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology by distance education. Students of Vision Resource Centres are able to continue their studies through any of the Vision College options through to the Doctorate level.

Flexible Delivery Method

  • Rather than having a fixed curriculum, each subject is self contained and has the same value, 3 Credit Points.
  • If a student successfully completes any 10 subjects they are eligible for the award they have entered into. Learn more about Credit Points.
  • A Resource Centre does not require a large facility or large numbers of staff.
  • A minimum of one lecture room and one lecturer is required at any time as all students from 1st to 4th year can undertake the same subject at the same time.
  • The overheads to the Resource Centre are minimized and the benefits of a collective student body are maximized while the lecturer also has the satisfaction of teaching to a larger student body.
  • We encourage Resource Centre's to allow new students to join the Resource Centre at any time that a new subject is commencing.

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