Missions Program

Our Missions Program

Vision Internet Bible College accepts missions as a part of our responsibility. Our goals are to:

  • Present "The Whole Word To The Whole World" in the most effective, affordable and presentable way.
  • Place our teaching into as many hands as we can.
  • Reach out and help by placing the help in the hands of the local minister or missionary.

Our missions program takes two basic thrusts, that of supporting what we call our "Missions Students" and our "Missions College" programs. Our Missons Disc contains our entire program on CD.

What is a Mission's Student?

Students in NepalA Vision Internet Bible College Mission Student is a student whose fees are paid for by a personal sponsor, an organization (usually Christian) or through a scholarship with Vision Internet Bible College.

As we receive so many requests from Christians all over the world for free studies, the student is required to show that they are legitimately in need of help. As funds become available, the "Missions Student" is enrolled into the College and the materials are provided without charge to the students.

Once enrolled the student is treated exactly the same as any other full fee paying student with the same academic requirements and opportunities.

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What is a Missions College?

Bible College in Myanmar A Missions College is a Vision Internet Bible College on the mission field that is funded externally to the College itself.

The College is run by local pastors or teachers who are able to offer our full curriculum and range of awards to their own people in their own culture and language. We do not interfere with the running of the college, nor do we insist on our name. We do require that the assessments, or a cultural equivalent of our assessment is used to ensure that the students receive the same level of training as any other student anywhere else receives.

To enable this we send our College on a CD, which contains our entire program, to the missionary or pastor who desires to run a college. Not only do we provide teaching but we also give to the local ministry the opportunity for funding. The local student pays the local college for their teaching at a range of fees determined locally.

There are two kinds of colleges.

1. Remote: This college, once receiving our material works independently of us. We do not issue awards and we have no control. This occurs in situations where a relationship or communication is not possible due to the remoteness and isolation of the college or in situations where ongoing communication may endanger the lives of those running the college.

2. Affiliated: This college works with us and reports back to us on a regular basis. These students pay a small fee toward the cost of their award, set by the local college, per subject per student.

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The Missions Disc

Through the gift of sponsorship, YOU can put a Bible College somewhere in the world where it is needed.

The "College on a Disc" is a collection of three discs that enable a complete bible college to be established in remote areas and on mission fields. The College is set up to assist missions colleges in poorer third world or developing nations and is not available to the "developed" world.

The three discs contain:

Disc 1: A complete set of over 90 subjects, with the answer keys and student helps in PDF format, the latest Adobe Reader, so that the files can be opened and printed out.
Disc 2: A complete Christian library of over 400 books, bibles, references, maps and study helps.
Disc 3: A copy of Esword, an electronic bible and study program with the complete range of study aids English language bibles and as much as possible bibles in the language of the user.