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Rev Dr Denis Plant Vision Bible College

The Internet Bible College is committed to the idea that ALL good ministry stems from a sound doctrinal base that covers as many areas of Christian discipline as possible. We are bring a training model that has proven to be highly effective in helping men and women to find their part in the Body of Christ for more than 30 years. Our range of options and flexibility of choice give you the best possible choice for ministry training that will be relevant today and enduring into the decades that follow. This is the formal website for Vision International College, Vision Christian College and an extension of Vision International University.

More than 150,000 students in over 145 countries are testimony to that. Individual students, study groups, local church Bible Colleges and training centres prove the effectiveness of the ministry of Vision Colleges. From our menu options you will discover who we are, our philosophy, our history, our network, see why you can have confidence in our program and our vision to take "The Whole Word To The Whole World"

Why Choose Vision?

  • Study from your place in your pace
  • No time frame
  • Flexible options
  • No classroom attendance
  • Internet support
  • 16 good reasons..

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Who is Vision?

Vision Internet Bible College is the fruit of the visionary labour of three men with a God given desire to place sound, Bible College teaching into the hands and hearts of Christians everywhere.

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Statement of Faith

We Believe...1. That there is only one God, who has revealed himself as our Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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Our philosophy is to provide authentic, legitimate Bible College material to the Church at large in ways that are as easy to access as possible, to this end our theme could be summarised as:

Our view of Christian life is that it should be loving, joyful, affirmative, fruitful, and diverse.

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Vision is not just a stand-alone bible college. Although we were founded in Australia in 1973 we have grown to become one of, if not the largest, bible college in the world.

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